Putney Foxes Basketball Club
Wandsworth / Chelsea / Fulham / Putney


We are always looking for more people to join the club. 
Email Jon via jon@londonbasketball.com or tweet via @PutneyBBall

Please note that all mail ID's received are added to our mailing lists. You can remove yourself at any time 

 Putney Basketball training

Please read to the bottom of the page.  Many of the answer to questions we are asked are on this one page.

1. When and where does the club play? 

Tuesday: 9:30pm till 10:30pm every Tuesday  at the Wandle Centre  (up to 12 players, scrimmage) 

Thursday: 9:00pm till 10:00pm every Thursday  at the Roehampton  Sports Centre  (up to 12 players, scrimmage) 

Sunday: 4:30pm till 6:30pm every Sunday at the Wandle Centre (training session for Foxes Squad) 

Sunday sessions are suspended for the summer

League & Friendly Matches: See Fixtures lists

2. Who can play? 

The club is open to all. We play mixed games with people of all abilities. Come along and get involved, we are always delighted to meet new people. You will need to be on the mail lists as per above.

Best place to start is the Sunday sessions when there is training and games. Tuesday and Thursday are also open to all who elect to play. Friendly games are open to all but with squad players and monthly/up-front payers given preference if there is high demand. League games are only open to squad players as you must be listed with English Basketball and signed to the club.


3. Were does the club play?  

Wandle Recreation Centre - Tuesday and Sunday
Mapleton Road, Wandsworth, London,SW18 4DN

Contact number 0208 871 1149

The Wandle Centre is near the centre of Wandsworth and in easy reach of Putney by bus. There is a main line station (Wandsworth Town) that is 5 mins walk from the centre. There are many buses to the area from Wimbledon, Battersea, Earlsfield and the surrounding area. Please follow this link for directions:


Wandle Recreation Centre, Putney Basketball


4. How do I get my name on the list?

Pay your reg fee (see 5) and then mail Jon to have your name added to our online system. You can then sign up to play each week. We use www.teamsnap.com to manage the lists. You can walk up to the Sunday sessions but there is a small additional fee (see below). Tuesday and Thursday are always busy so make sure you book as people can be disappointed when turned away. 


5. How much does it cost? 

The club has a joining fee of £10.This is a one off payment that covers admin costs for new joiners and must be paid direct to the clubs account: 

Santander; Sort 09-06-66 Account Number 43075983

There are then a number of payment options:

Monthly : All Sunday & League Games - £35 monthly by standing order on the first of the month (to the account details above)

Monthly : Tuesday or Thursday only - £30 monthly by standing order - This jumps you to the top of the list always

Monthly : Tuesday and Thursday - £60 monthly by standing order - This jumps you to the top of the list always

Annual   : All Sunday & League Games - £400 annual paid direct to the clubs accounts at the start of the season

Pay as You Play

  • Tuesday £7  .... (when you sign up via Team Snap, £1 extra for walkups)
  • Thursday £7  .... (when you sign up via Team Snap, £1 extra for walkups)
  • Sunday, League & Friendly Games £9  .... (when you sign up via Team Snap, £1 extra for walkups)

Monthly and Annual payers are given preference for popular sessions and in the selection of players for competitive games.

We offer a £2 discount on prices for juniors under 21. If you do not sign up through Team Snap there is an additional charge of £1 levied (this is the 'walk up' fee). Also note that if you are a walk up and we are full you will need to head home... always best to get yourself on the lists. There is a 'no-show' rule (see next question)


6. What's the No Show rule? 

We try and keep things as open as possible but we need to have some cut off. You are free to sign up to any of the sessions and assuming there is space you will play. The lists on TeamSnap locks automatically 24 hours before each session. If you are on the list and you do not show you still owe the session fee. There are NO exceptions and after 3 No Shows we remove you from the lists and hence the club.

We do NOT mail if the list is 12 or less. We only mail when the list has to be cut. It is your responsibility to check Team Snap and make sure you know if you are playing or not.

We also do not engage in email exchanges on the day. There are just too many people on the lists. If you are in the final list you either play or are charged the no-show.


Think of it as WAY better than signing up to that gym you never go to!


League and cup games are a little different. You will need to be a member of the team to play in league games as you need to be registered with England Basketball. For friendlies we will pick a squad from those available and normally these will be open to all. 

7. How competitive?  

All sessions are for fun with a wide range of abilities. We balance teams out on the evening so all should feel welcome. We have the good, the bad and the ugly :) Matches are often a little more competitive. Sunday is the most accessibly if your newer or have not played for a long time. 


8. What should I wear?  

We have a team kit for matches which all match players need to buy from the club. The colours are currently black and white with white shorts.

For the evening scrimmage and training on Sunday we organise on the night so black and white tops help. Try to bring both or at worst wear at least black or white.

Anyone is free to buy the club kit and it does help to have people in clearly identifiable gear.


9. How can I help the club?

The club is supported by Gombo Adventures who offer budget trips to Europe's biggest festivals including Oktoberfest, Running of the bulls, St Patrick's day and more.

As a member of Putney Basketball Club you will be entitled to 10% off every Gombo Adventures trip, which you can receive by entering the discount code 'foxes' (in lower case) when you make your booking on the website. To celebrate our new partnership with Putney Basketball Club, we will be offering our La Tomatina & Running of the bulls trips at half price, to anyone who books St Patrick's day using the 'foxes' discount code. The discount code is able to be used by anyone, so feel free to pass on this special deal to your friends, flatmates, work colleagues, partners & whoever else may be interested.

All information regarding our trips can be found at www.gogombo.com. If you have any questions we can be contacted at info@gogombo.com.

Lend a hand : There is a lot to do for the club so any help running things is greatly appreciated. We really need support for scoring and timing on the match days. If you can spare a few hours on a Sunday please get in touch. We will pay to have you trained and you will become an English Basketball official.... surely the most important thing ever on your CV!

10. iPhone & Android

DO NOT USE THESE APPS. Team Snap offers these apps but they do not work well. You must check any action you have taken on the site by logging out and back in again. You should see your new status has been taken. If it has not change it again and log out and back in again.

Further questions asked over the years:

12. How do the scrimmages work
A scrimmage is just a game with the people who are at the session. Teams are chosen from the players attending and then we just play. You call your own fouls and generally play in the spirit of a friendly game. When numbers allow there are subs which roll as and when people are tired. We normally play to 21 and take a break. There are no quarters or time outs. 

13. Are there outdoor nets in the area?
Yes there are a number. We know of hoops at Clapham Common  and at Bishops Park in Fulham. Get in touch if you know of others and we will list them.

14. How is the list cut if its busy on Tuesday?
Tuesday is limited to 12 players. We work on a first come first served through TeamSnap with a few adjustments. Normally if you are in the first 12 (and don’t owe money) you are guaranteed to play. Remember that if you are 14th or 15th on the list you might well end up in the final 12 as people can remove themselves up to 24 hours before and there may be people above you who owe money. If there are more than 12 people listed we will cut the list. To make the cut we will first remove people who owe the club money (see the no-show rule) then we remove all those after the 12th and send out a final list. If there are 12 or fewer we will not send out a final list and the team TeamSnap list will be final as it stands. 

15. I have a variation on one of the following excuses, will this help me avoid a no show?

No is the answer, now here are some of the variations:

- Team Snap did not take the change I requested > We tell you to check by logging out and back in
- I thought you would mail me every time > No we will only mail when there is a cut to the list. If no cut there is no mail so check your status
- I forgot > sorry, thats just a shame
- I could not find the gym > we have maps on the site and TFL will get you there... 100's have managed
- My dog, cat, aunt lilly, died/got lost/needed taking to the supermarket > We have heard them all :o)